Skyhook is a leading provider of dynamic, close-range aerial camera services, using cutting-edge UAVs, or Drones. Our work has taken us across the UK and overseas, pleasing clients from Halfords and The Daily Telegraph, to Channel 4 and Network Rail.

Great results and an absolute joy to work with – highly recommended

Pace Media

We use a number of different UAV aircraft or Drones, to capture arresting content from previously impossible angles, enabling shots too high for any crane, and too low for a helicopter.
Whether you’re after an aerial survey of a worksite, marketing material for a golf club, or a bespoke solution for a TV commercial, we have equipment and crew options to suit every budget.
Skyhook is a member of Drone Aerial Operators Group

Drone Aerial Ops provides drone training and services based on the skills, experience and expertise of its world-class drone operators and partners, at its new 8000 acre base, on-location and online.

Our on-set experience, and our relationships with the Civil Aviation Authority will ensure that your project can be planned and executed safely, and within the law. Our safe operations have been certified by 1st Option Safety Group, and we are part of their Approved Supplier database.